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The company Angiolo Rosselli & F.lli, present in the markets of tobacconist and advertising articles for over one hundred and fifty years with its matchboxes and bags of advertising and line matches is, to date, known as a guarantee mark seriousness and quality.  



For over thirty years, the firm Angiolo Rosselli & F.lli, thanks to its experience in the advertising market, offers, with its matchboxes and advertising matchbags, to its customers an efficient and precise service; trying to satisfy every request from the most classic to the most extravagant.




Thanks to its long experience in wood processing, the Angiolo Rosselli & F.lli company, with its boxes and bags of advertising and line matches, offers practical and convenient communication and promotional tools


The box of advertising matches or the envelope of advertising matches is a promotional gadget always appreciated, refined, suitable for any occasion, always sought after by collectors; the personalized matchbox or personalized matchbox is a business card that represents every type of activity and person in a complete and original way. The box of advertising matches or the advertising match bag is a promotional item that can represent any idea, from the business card to the promotional message up to the electoral slogan.




Today, the Rosselli Group produces and sells not only advertising matches and gadgets, but also toothpicks, spits, party items, lighters, lighters, utensils and wooden chopping boards.

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